The Printed World and Technological Art
Control+P Into Reality

The third revolution is here! The gap between what was once seen as virtual what is now real has almost been eliminated. Today, 3-D printers can be found everywhere and are the technological springboard for in almost every field: Medicine, industry, product design, fashion, games, technology and more. In today’s world there are 3-D printers that can print an entire car, a lunch, implantable veins and endless other miraculous items.

Geek PicNic will play host to over 30 different printers. Visitors will be able to wander around these wondrous machines, help design and print an original object and meet inventors and entrepreneurs in the field.

The 3-D area will host the “Fab Lab” original creators, printer companies and artists. The area will include geek, interactive and technological 3-D art.

משהו מודפס

Fablab Haifa

Sponsored by Mafil

In this area this Haifa-based company will host a content-rich exhibit. Here visitors will be able to printers and printed objects, hear explanations, experience designing and printing and participate in a live scanning and printing show of a real head in real time.

תמונה של מדפסות 3D



XLN is a not-for-profit organization that promotes technological education and enables accessibility of new technology for all.  Their exhibit will include various printers and printed items, seminars and experiential learning with a variety of printers and apps.

In addition, one of the prominently featured items of the Festival will be the launching event of the organization “Creator’s Bus”. The Bus will act as a roving FabLabs that will crisscross Israel reaching even the most remote of destinations in the years to come.



TOM is part of a new and growing world movement of technology that focuses on the development of customized personal solutions for people with special needs.  In this area TOM will exhibit their distinctive solutions and present their unique approach that has changes the lives of hundreds of thousands world-wide.


Wertheim 3D

The Werthheim 3D company produces specialized over-sized printers. At Geek PicNic the company will present its unique technology and various printed 3D creations like a full chairs, a car engine or the head of Frankenstein!

פרנקנשטיין 3D



Although its not a printed object, Tardis is still absolutely considered Geek Art. Those who know that Tardis is Dr. Who’s Time Machine wil be thrilled to hear that they will be able to actually enter a full scale model at the Festival. And if anyone thinks it’s not a regular telephone booth….


This outstanding and exciting exhibit by the international artist Varenia provides a pleasant outer world experience using a giant fan and plastic strips. Once inside you’ll never want to leave.

תמונת דמה 3D

Sasha Frolova

Sasha has been active for years in the art scene as she has specialized in materials, printing, welding and inflatables. She will be bringing to Geek PicNic two creations.

סאשה פרולובה תמונה של הפסלים