A Race in the Sky
Formula 1 in the Open skies

2016: Drones have arrived and they’re here to stay!

In the next few years we will see more and more drones being used in more and more fields like the pre-eminent form of deliveries,  in aerial photography and in every home will be one-if not three-drones. The revolution has created a new profession: a drone operator and in Israel, this currently requires a full pilot’s license. We in Israel (as the Start-Up Nation and as an Air Force state) are leading the field both with start-ups developing drone and aerial photography technology as well as training drone pilots.

The Geek PicNic Festival drone stadium will be tremendous and will include an 80 meter long, 60 meter wide and a 6 meter high ceiling caged track.  The drone stadium will be one of the largest areas at the Festival spread over 5 dunam and will include aerial obstacle courses, competition tracks and drone stunt stations. The exhibition will host Israeli champion drone pilots and will have endless activities and competitions throughout the Festival.

כמה רחפנים

Drone Racing-Start your engines!!

During the Festival there will be three rounds of stunt races for professionals who can sign up and register in advance. Visitors are invited to come and watch this action-packed  and thrilling event.

תמונה של מתחם התחרות

The View From The Eye of a Drone:  In this area there will be a giant screen that will show the aerial view of the Festival in real time from the perspective of a drone that will be continuously hovering and hopping above the Festival crowds !

Loops: Throughout Geek PicNic you can come and watch drone stunt champions showcasing unfathomable and breathtaking acrobatic flying.  You can also come and see stunt pilots challenged in a spectacularly crazy aerial obstacle course.

Drone Photography

Come and enjoy an exhibition of oversized drones that specialize in powerful aerial photography that will showcase the today’s HD abilities in photographing from great distances.