Bionic People

Since the 1980s we have been dreaming about Bionic People. The 6 million dollar man ignited our imagination and today it’s now a reality. The technology to create bionic limbs has developed leaps and boundsmuch in the past few years, especially with the aid of 3-D printing.  The limbs produced today to aid humans outstrip the original abilities their creators dreamed of.

A bionic sprinter can outrun anyone in the world, a drummer whi in reality is half human half drum machine, upgraded new generation mountain climbers, An archery champion who never ever misses her target when she aims and even a human who can hears three times as well than others because of a chip implanted in either of his ears. Within two decades we’ll be able to stop at the local convenience store and pick up a spare see-in-the-dark “eye”- Science fiction anyone?

A first in the Middle East! Every day during the festival we will host a full bionic panel on the central stage. Visitors will also be able to personally meet the “bionic people” from the panel and learn all about the technology involved, shake their “hand” and gain some firsthand experience with these upgraded people and the essentially what lies ahead in the future for us all.

תמונה של המתופף (2)

Nigel Ackland : UK

Nigel originally worked as a high-grade metal welder. Five years ago he was in a work accident involving an industrial blender where he was seriously wounded in his right hand. After 6 months of infections and treatments it was decided his arm should be arm should be amputated from the elbow down.  Due to the injury Nigel was not able to return to his prior occupation. Recently has had a bebionic3 arm mounted on his right arm. He uses his Bebionic arm daily and loves the arm’s movement and it’s realistic look although he prefers to wear the black “definition” glove instead to actually make it look less real. He loves taking advantage of the special “gripping” abilities the hand provides that allow him to carry out daily tasks with two hands like driving, typing and daily shopping.

תמונה נייג'ל

Jason Barnes : USA

 Jason Barnes is a drummer from Georgia, USA. In 2012 he was badly electrocuted in a work accident and as a result he lost his right arm. Despite this substantial setback in 2013 he was accepted to the Atlanta Music Institute. In 2014 a team at the Georgia Technical Institute headed by Prof. Gil Weinberg equipped Jason with a robotic arm. Ever since Jason has been travelling the world and was recently the special guest of the Queensland University of Technology in Australia at their ROBOTICA pavilion.

James Young : UK

James Young has a Bachelor’s degree in Science and Biology  and is an enthusiastic geek fan of new technology and the owner of both a prosthetic arm and leg from Open Bionics. Jason is their official representative at Geek PicNic and is quite active on social networks and a sworn Gamer!

James Young תמונה

Angel Giuffria : USA

Angel is a successful movie actress with a prosthetic arm from Open Bionics. She is best known as the bionic actress if not also as the youngest bionic actress in the world at age.  Angel has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and has appeared in several well-known movies such as The Hunger Games, The Gate , Silent But Deadly and 01 Girl.

Angel Giuffria תמונה

Samantha Payne - UK

Entrepreneur, Journalist, digital marketer. Samantha is a Founder and partner in Open Bionics. the award-winning start-up  that develops affordable bionic arms and allows limbless children and adults to look and feel great.  Samanthat is also part of the Techstars program operated by e Disney Accelerator organization. Recently recognized by ROBOHUB as one of the 25 most important women in Robotics and by Marie Claire magazine as a formidable player in the field of high-tech, Samatha currently focuses her efforts on expanding Open Bionics operations with her founder-partner Joel Gibbard. The two recently won 2nd place in the INTEL Challenge Makers Competition that came with a cash prize of $250,000. The company has won numerous prizes for innovation including being recognized as one of the top 50 Robotics enterprises alongside such tech titans such as Google and Amazon