The Makers are Coming!

The Makers movement is a significant rising influence that bridges between the worlds of art, technology, creation and innovation.  Millions of people world-wide are investing their own time inventing, designing and creating various machines, instruments that make things simpler and more pleasant and accessible. This community that has been created both globally and locally has become one with the extreme potential.

In Israel today there is a strong movement of Makers with dozens of active groups which is impressive considering the size of the population.  Geek PicNic will host the leading groups like The ForReal Group, Artists from Mussrara, Betzalel and others who will present their work wich will include a few works created especially for the Festival.


The Destroyer

The crew from ForReal have sought to create a perfect machine of destruction. By flipping a switch this machine smashes any object and totally destroys it.  What kind of mind created this wonderful machine? We’ve attached a slow motion camera and everyone is invited to smash away at the Festival!


The Bubbletron bubble maker!

Imagine a machine that automatically creates giant soap bubbles without human intervention-wow! With no effort, wherever this machine is found it  becomes the center of attention. Why are humans so intrigued with soap bubbles? We have unquestionably dedicated the festival to investigating and resolving this burning issue..!

The Parrots are talking

The Everyman’s Parliament

In one of the quiet corners of the Festival, under the trees and amidst pastoral benches you will be able to join in a conversation with especially talkative parrots. They will certainly sense your presence and break out into a feisty conversation….not recommended for those with a weak heart!

The Action Painter

Digital graffiti is an amazing thing. Marco and Sevillia have created a digital constellation that allows the crowd to paint grafitii  by their body movements alone. Pretty neat!



This consists of two interactive sound displays, musical boxes that respond to the crowd’s touch, banging or the slightest pressure. The crew from Musrara have created a unique exhibition that respond to any interaction by creating sound and dancing about. One box is programmed towards percussion instruments and the second towards horns.


Mirror Maze

Once upon a time you would walk through the maze at the “House of Mirrors” this would confuse you. The mirrors would distort you to look tall, fat, thin – or all three. The Makers have a created an upgraded version of this classic amusement park attraction creating this effect with plasma screens and killer programming.  A must visit at the festival….



Roi has created an entire world of fantasy and imagination entirely from spare parts, nuts, bolts, pipes and electrical wire. The philosophy behind this rare initiative is to connect the issue of recycling to enjoyment and art. The goal is to educate a whole to new generation not to recycle through regular materials but to plan excellence through an innovative thinking process that is environmentally integrated.

Come then and join us in building an entire Offbits Kingdom



Orel Elimelech is one of the leading makers in Israel and at the debut of Geek PicNic Israel Orel will present two projects. The first is entitled Cyphone. Remember the children’s game “Simon” we all grew up on?  Cyphone  combines the Israeli classic public telephone with the classic game “Simon” with it’s flashing lights and accompanying melodies where the player needs to follow and then repeat the colorful flashing melodical sequence. The Cyphone combines the two turning the phone booth itself into the game.



Orel’s second work is a hypnotizing musical table with numerous buttons, handles and pedals. Visitors are invited to experience this quirky mix of musical discovery, mechanics and creativity.


One of Geek PinNic’s the central attractions will be the TARDIS. When you first see this exhibition you might just think it’s an unsual out of place phone booth (you’re obviously not a geek) or you might immediately identify it as the ultimate fictional time machine and spacecraft in the British science fiction television program “Doctor Who” (you obviously are a geek). If you do recognize it and enter you will most likely be instantly be swept away to a magical TV series straight into your favorite episode.