Theme Areas
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The Geek PicNic Festival is amusement park of technology, science and art. The Festival is made up of over 150 different points of interest organized into theme areas each focusing on a specific topic.

תמונה של הפסטיבל - מלא דברים - דשא - שמש

Visitors are invited to delve into the different areas of the Festival and discover whole new worlds and meet the leading creators and entrepreneurs of their field. The Theme areas includes the following:

תמונה של לוחמי סומו בפסטיבל (גיממינג פיקניק)]

Dressing technology

Technology and fashion has been flirting together for over a decade essentially since the iPad became in a fashion item and as similarly happened to the mobile phone. In this area of the Festival visitors can get an in depth picture of the best aspects of the connection between Technology and fashion. Come and see how this connection plays out with sunglasses, printed fashion, mood fashion, startups,  apps, simulations, scanning and original Geek art.


Geek Market

If you’re a lover Geek merchandise look no further! Here you will find the best of drones, unbreakable bubble soap and endless Star Wars and the Baggins Kingdoms (The Hobbit Series) collector’s items, gadgets, a variety of Geekomobila, thought games, technology and science experiment kits, fashion, code kits,  VR goggles, hi-tech shopping and more!

תמונה של אוסף בובות סטארוורס

Gaming Area

Any self-respecting Festival dedicated to Geeks wouldn’t be worth its name without a great Gaming area! The festival will play host to the widest range possible of Geekdom including individual consoles for various games, consoles for one on one computer games, communal games, 3D races and battles,  card games, box games, audience participation, fun challenging games and more.

This area will also include competitions, demonstrations, crowd participation, family challenges and lots of fun for all!