My Android Friend

The world of Robotics has led a revolution in all walks of life such as industry, research, agriculture with even robot vacuum cleaners and lawn mowers a part of our own daily lives. But these changes are dwarfed by what lies ahead. At Geek PicNic  visitors will be able to meet, touch and create interactions with a variety of robots.


Geek PicNic will present over 20 different Robots from a variety of countries who arrive in Israel from private collections, research departments at Hebrew University, start-ups abroad , die-hard hobbyists and Robot enthusiasts as well. The Robots will provide visitors the opportunity to operate, communicate with and learn about the field that will increasingly influence our lives in the coming years.


The Russian Dragon

This dragon knows how to “make an entrance”.  Being over three meters high, weighing over a ton and spitting fire and smoke, when this dragon moves you know it! The staff at the Robotics department at the University of Moscow have been working on this robot for over three years and it’s the personal project of the Department Head. The University robot staff is so excited about their Dragon Robot that all 20 of the staff will be coming to Jerusalem for Geek PicNic. Visitors will be able to meet them and hear about the vision, the  process of creating the robot and future projects as well.


RoBoSwim – Robot fish

These French robots are featured in various exclusive hotels around the world. They are exquisite, they glow in the dark and are even programmable. All Robot-lovers can come to the Festival and enjoy these “creatures” in an  unusual aquarium custom-built for the festival.


TeleBuddy – the Robot iPad

Mr Roi Tenza founded a startup which enables mobile remote verbal and visual communication between a person and others far away, allows participation in meetings and the ability to “walk around” any area without actually being there. The robot is actually an iPad mounted on a Segway-like vehicle which is remotely controlled and can enable conversation on-site without any actual physical presence required. At the Festival visitors will meet our “on-site reporter” who will be roving the festival grounds interviewing  visitors about the Festival experience- without actually being there!



The new Star of the Hollywood saga Star Wars will arrive in Jerusalem and his assembly into a complete active robot will be completed in the weeks leading up to the Festival. BB8 will roll around the festival grounds and expect some seriously significant beeping and light-flashing! Don’t miss your chance for a selfie with a real Hollywood star!!

Robo Yossef

If we’re already discussing the world’s most famous movie robots then it would only be appropriate to include the first robot in Zion, – Robo Yossef- who starred in the Israeli cult film “Help-I’m a Robot”


To wrap up the robot Selfie section of Geek PicNic we have brought to the festival a real Hollywood icon, the beloved R2D2, in his latest updated version. R2D2 will rove the Festival grounds and is ready to share a selfie and to give some free advice as he’s already saved the world one or twice!

The Robot Arena

Nothing like a robot battle and in the robot arena robots will square off in battle, compete in an obstacle course and struggle in a game of robot soccer. The robots will be controlled by the crowd through a dedicated app with each round lasting a few minutes.    A thrilling controlled viewing experience that is a cross between a sporting event and an animation film.

Robots from Around the Globe

Rami Hadad has been collecting robots that represent the cutting edge of practical technology from around the world. This exhibition will include robots from Thailand, Japan, Germany, the USA and Uzbekistan each with a different specialty such as massage, spying, climbing, playing a musical instrument and even the important act of igniting a lighter !!


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