Geek Picnic

What is Geek Picnic?

In 2013 we visited Geek PicNic in Russia for the first time and were simply amazed by what we saw and experienced-not an easy task for promoters with over a 20 year career.  It was a perfect mix of an extremely high level and fascinating Tech exhibition and an open-air park Festival.

This is in fact the heart of Geek PicNic experience and exactly what we have created this Passover vacation in Sacher Park. Geek PicNic is a festival of sun, food, ice cream, Mojitos, lawns, games, Zulot (chill spots) and endless high level content where visitors of all ages can totally and completely widen their horizons.

תמונה גיק פיקניק - לוגו על הדשא

The Festival will include several bars, coffee shops and restaurant stalls, all totally high tech quality. A variety of park games and attractions will also be found throughout the Festival complex as well.

תמונת בר זמנית

The Festival will play host to many well-known super heroes and animated characters. If you plan on attending the Festival dressed up, you can enter our GEEK costumes competition. Send us a picture of yourself dressed up at and you can enter the contest to win a free ticket to the Festival. After all what would the festival be without the creative geek community – without whom, actually, there would be no Festival!

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