The Hand of Man
This Passover We're All Getting Crushed !!

Geek PicNic is happy to host the “Hand of Man” exhibit at this year’s Festival. This exhibit is a leading international project that has appeared in several large Festivals worldwide like Burning Man and Coachella. The Hand of Man has made appearances in over 15 countries and been seen by hundreds of thousands of people. It’s 10 meters high (!!) and weighs over 6 tons and it will crush at least 20 cars during the Festival.


Center stage at Geek PicNic will be a one duman area designated specially for the Hand of Man. A large a pile of cars will be assembled there where the “Hand” will crush the cars, one at a time  for the duration of the Festival.  The Hand of Man will be operated by selected members of the audience who will control it using a special custom made operating glove on a floating chair. The “Hand” is in many ways the heart of the Festival as it can captivate the hearts and minds of thousands of guests at any given moment.

Would you like to operate the “Hand” too?

Go to the Festival Facebook event page and push LIKE and you’ll be in the weekly lottery choosing who will be the lucky “smashers” at the festival

תמונה 2 - זריקת מכוניות handofman-burningman