The Lightning show and the Mysteries or Science
Science is Magic

Throughout history there has been a clear relationship between magic and science. Anything that was wondrous and unexplainable was attributed to the world of magic. Anything that was studied, resolved and understood and then possibly cloned became a part of science. A complete area will be dedicated to this connection – authentic magical experiences and completely explainable phenomenon.

This area will include an electrical lightning show, scientific stunts, insane experiments, space and the mysteries of the cosmos.

מופע ברקים

The Lightning show and the Mysteries or Science area will include an electrical lightning show , scientific stunts, insane experiments, space,  the mysteries of the cosmos, creating rockets, an explosion seminar, a chemical show, a walking on water exhibit and the main attraction- The live Lightning show!

מופע כימי

The Tesla show

The main attraction of this area arrives directly from Europe as a pair of dueling lightning warriors who create and fire giant 3 meter long lightning bolts at each other in battle.

The warriors were special insulated armor that catch the lightning bolt coming at them. You can see the show daily in the dark tent and in the evening outside at the main stage.  This is a show you’ve never seen the likes of!

Scientific exhibition areas

This area will include a variety of smaller science areas in the field of Genetics, Nano brain research, chemical experiments, a Rocket seminar and several scientific seminars from the different research departments at Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

משקאות קרח יבש

Walking on Water

This is an amazing exhibition of a pool filled with a special white liquid that visitors will be able to walk on. Like Jesus, visitors will able to see what it’s like to walk on a liquid!  CAUTION! No Stopping! If you stop in the middle of the pool you will immediately sink into the corn starch mixture and that makes the entire exhibit all work!

ישו על המים

Israel and Space

The project is a civilian run effort that is participating in an international competition aimed at launching a civilian satellite to space and the Moon. The Israeli team is leading the competition and is expected to make history with a 2017 launch! At Geek PicNic we will present the project, the satellite and the process remaining to realize this vision and dream.