Parallel Lives

In the 1990s a new technology came into our lives entitled Virtual Reality (VR)  offering great promise for the worlds of imagination and fantasy but never really panned out. As of the 2010 the technology was suitable and ready for commercial consumption and the market is abound with VR Glasses that finally can provide what was originally promises 25 years ago.

Wearing new generation of VR glasses envelops the user’s senses and creates an authentic crossover into another world.

At GeekPicNic there will be over 40 VR stations where visitors will be able to experience VR through a variety of content. This includes everything from galloping on a horse, rocketing into outer space, riding a crazy roller coaster to a trip through time, travelling through the cosmos, coasting through the human brain and body and an adventure at microscopic scale!


This brilliant Israeli Start-up allows you to attach a sensor to any object and bring into the world of  Viirtual Reality (VR) . A toy sword becomes a glowing deadly weapon slaying evil trolls in seconds. Add in  GemSense and start a gun fight in the Wild West! This barrier-breaking add-on bridges the gap from the real world to the Virtual one and enables a glimpse of the near future where this gap will slowly disappear.




This Israeli Start-up is completely about 360° live photography. The crew from vrhoops will operate several stations that will offer two unbelievable experiences.

-Live Achive: For several years the company has produced a wide variety of 360° content that allows the viewer to be launched into a totally realistic experience by just wearing the VR glasses.  Visitors will be able to enjoy a Machina concert, a sunset on the Tel Aviv beach, a dramatic record breaking moment in sports. This is absolutely the future of event documentation!

Virtual Launch:

The company operates several locations that are filmed in live in 360°. Every visitor to Geek PicNic can launch their consciousness into the Port in Tel Aviv and experience the feeling of actually be there at any given second with full 360° sound as well!



This crew will the take the new and emerging technology of VR to a totally new level of creativity. Their specialty is creating VR content where real artists form creations at such a high level that can only be experienced in VR where your viewing canvas is the world of 360°. The creator, creation and the art become a reality in which the viewer enters into the creation and transforms into part of the creation’s creative unfolding.

Phenomena 1Phenomena 2



How do you know if technology is ready for widespread use?

When the products become available for all to use!!

VRgoogles is a VR company that is leading the VR revolution by marketing its super high quality goggles at affordable prices. The goggles are a container that wrap around a cell phone and allows viewing 360 degree content through a variety of apps.

Located in the main exhibition area,  the VRgoogle staff will be happy to demonstrate how the goggles work and assist visitors in choosing content and in mounting the goggles onto their cell phones and experience something that is just totally from out of this world.

VRGOOGLES אולי לשים רקע סבבה כי שקוף
תמונה זמנית ממסיבת עיתונאים VRGOOGLES